Everything Has A Time

It has been said; “Everything has a time, and remembering that first  night I was here, we went out for Indian food on St. Helen’s Road and of course I wore the wrong thing; long flared jeans with wedge sandals and a short sleeve t-shirt. 

It rained and rained. Having to park the car only a meter away, and of course, I was soaked through to my bra and laughing anyway because we were so happy. 

I think both of us felt the chemistry as this was the beginning of something more… and no it wasn’t just the rain making me shiver. 

But just to be here finally. It was the most wonderful feeling to be in Wales and here with you. 

Discovery is like the way when you find something great; it’s like when you find each other and you just know it. 

There was something about it from the beginning. There was a way about a place; and I knew it like when you always find the path to a particular universe that no one has barely heard of.
There is truth here or as close to the truth as I can say about its beauty. I guess there are certain things that go way beyond any understanding; when a land so ancient and so beautiful comes together in harmony. 
It’s a place where I find myself surrendering to its calm in its tones of color; the mountains, the painted hills and valleys and its sky. 

It’s as if we’re meant to be, like two flames who unite and blending into one. 

Something that is so big that we can never really fully describe it; at least not in words and perhaps Wales is more of a feeling as much as it is a real place. 

All I know is it’s our time and I feel as if I belong here with you. 

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