Meet Norbutt and Doris


Hi Doris and Norbutt!

It has been a good day today. I went by our new farm house today. Almost ready! I told the Seller that the sheep (Doris and Norbutt) could stay. But he had to fix the barn first. He agreed. He said they could never be separated because they love each other. 

More than that, there is love there. I can feel it already. Love as close to the truth as I know it!  Believing there are certain things beyond anyone’s understanding. Like when two people work together to accomplish a greater life; our future; our first home together! Plus the sheep; Norbutt and Doris. Looks like our little family is growing!

The best thing about it is when you get what you want and need. Like winning triple bonus money on $2.00 scratch off card. 

Like you say, “I think we were meant to be.” Like two hearts beating. We are blending!  Funny how things seem to finally fall into place. 

Maybe one of the secrets to life is not to try and force it; it happens when it happens. It’s something I’m trying to learn. Just hard to describe in a few words. 

But it’s wonderful to be with someone who shares the same dreams, more importantly; he knows how I feel before I do. I think that is one of the best things about us. 

The hours pass so fast when we are together. 

I don’t want to miss anything. I don’t want to sleep; just stay up. 

The summer is here…his birthday is on the way. I shopped all afternoon at the market for him, but I didn’t find anything good enough. 

All the shops and markets start closing at 4:00 pm so they can leave at 5:00. They will ask you to leave; politely of course. But It  causes mayhem. I get frantic, trying to hurry up. Makes me wonder why the Welsh need to home by 5:15 pm? They don’t really turn into sprites and faries do they? 

Maybe I should let him pick a present this time? Might be nice.  

Buying and selling a house at the same time is chaos. It’s more like a confusion of the senses, and all at once. A whole system out of control. Just more mayhem. 

Although life here is still amazing for me because we are living and doing it together. 



8 thoughts on “Meet Norbutt and Doris

  1. Love Norbutt and Doris.
    Often the reason for the rush on a Market Day is because the traders had an early start packing vans and then some travel quite a way to get there. They’re only licensed by the Council to sell until a certain time and they still have a journey before they can have their tea, maybe even having to unpack and store foodstuffs first at home or at a storage unit.
    The new house sounds wonderful and I hope you’ll both be very happy there just like the sheep.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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