I’ve always thought life was
A pretty sort of place
I’ve lived most of it happily
And some of it, not so much.

Survived the rest
Experienced loss and grief,
And I know what it feels like…
Been put through to the test.

So, now I’m Learning what it means
To have found true love again;
Knowing how lucky I am; a chance to lean
To live abroad; in a foreign land,
Not feeling like a foreigner.

I’ve read a book or two
About exploration, nature and cultures,
At least, some people’s idea of it;
Some things were news
Of Celtic Myth and warrior kings. 

But this is a first!
To see anything as beautiful as this,
Imagine that; if you can believe
You can see a real flower fairy.

And I would have to disagree
If I had not taken the photo myself;
These beauties in the tree

Maybe it’s just the idea
Of everything in life is possible
Certainly,it’s not impossible,
If one wants to truly see.



Like imagination; it’s so much more
Than the way we see it
When we only look with our eyes.
Could it be?

A Ballerina fairy flower
Perhaps, as if dancing in the breeze
But only if you smile?
And have a laugh; if you please.


Holding your heart, of course,
With your hands folded,
Always gently, upon the approach
As if it were one of the virtues.

Knowing life is something fragile,
Something worth keeping intact,
Something you’d protect,
Something worth living for,
Someone worth loving.

Pure, plain and simple
If you just imagine…WOW!
It’s there; I swear,
Right before your very eyes. 



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