The Absolute


There are rifts and spaces 
And gaps and places, and sometimes 
All share a spec of time,

Like the billions of stones that were carefully placed here in an infinite dark universe,
Like the stars, they too,
Will one day wither and die.

But everything that has been given a time
Leaves behind a history;
Dreams, life, love, day and night,
And wonder and oh; to wander. 

Even sadness has a time. 

But the funny thing about time is,
That it passes, moves, flows and spins through space and nothingness.

And will do so till nothing is left and even space has all but withered away.

But it is with this that thought I leave with you in good parting today…

Nothing is eternal in the essence of time, except for love; if it’s real love; imagination and perhaps beauty of course.

But it is your spirit that enables anything to reach immortality, and that it rest amongst us, 

In my ever burning soul. 

Where there are no rifts; just spaces,

You are my gaps and places, and sometimes

The absolute; It’s where we share, 

that same spec in time. 



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