About Fairy Hill


Fairy Hill, The Gower, Swansea, South Wales,

There are certain people that come into our lives; I don’t question why… or why some us can see things why others cannot.

And sometimes there are people, places we go and things we see that inspire us, and I think that these opportunities is what makes our lives better; happier  perhaps.

Then I feel all these inspirations when I see how something so small can change the direction of our entire life; perhaps they even help us began to dream again.

And sometimes they become the one with us,

And our entire universe changes a single moment, that the sight of something so rare might appear; so unexpected. It doesn’t have to have meaning; Aren’t we are here to just enjoy the experiences we are given?

And it’s in the combination of my heart; of yours and mine, when this fairy appeared under the tree that inspired me the most.

The perfect union between two equal parts … converted into one captured in time; a mystic being.
It’s a beautiful life here in Swansea, near the Gower… There is a fairy under this ancient oak tree at Fairy Hill. I’ve seen it for myself.

It’s mystic and amazing. It’s an inspiration and the sight of it seem to breathe life into me… I gasp.

Such a breath, it’s the kind that I will never become weary of.
It’s about why I love it here in the Gower.  I can’t help it.

But the reality is that there is just one way to see them.  You have to look. Don’t get too close. Fairy’s are not very friendly you know.

And it is one of the reasons why I love this place near Reynoldston in Swansea county in Wales. It’s near King Arthur’s Stone. There is something magical about it I think. Cariad.

Cariad means Love in Welsh


ivy covered. were the fairies once lived.

Fairy Hill Hotel and Restaurant

Fairyhill is a fabulous hotel and restaurant located in the Gower near Reynoldston, Sourh Wales. And it’s just a walk from Arthur’s Stone; Maen Ceti an Cefn Bryn.


Meredid; My fairy friend

My friend Midge invited us to check it out. And OMG! This is an ivy-covered manor house in the centre of Gower. It is with an award-winning restaurant and spa treatments available; B&B.


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