The Tempest…


In the Gower, between bays of Three Cliffs and Oxwich, there is a place called Cefn Bryn; the Great Carn near Reynoldston. 


It’s more commonly known as “Arthur’s Stone.”  That it’s were Arthur threw a stone from the bay. This is the place where it landed. It’s where they built a kingdom so long ago. Most of it is underground now. 

But it’s remains to be a mystical place. 

It’s a place where the wild Welsh ponies roam, now, feeding from the marshlands high above the bay. They are all that remain today, except  for some ancient stones; Maen Ceti. 

From here, I can see all the shades of green for miles and miles. And it takes my great away. 

It’s near to the village of Reynoldston, an unmarked, makeshift upon craggy stones marks a well trodden footpath. 


Spring has turned into Summer and all of the fouls and their mama’s are grazing now. Quite a sight to behold. 

I’m honoured. 

It’s amazing they let me come so close. It’s as if it were a privilege and quite extraordinary too. 

The ponies ancestors were onced tamed by Kings, princes and knights now run free in these hills, valleys and marshes. 


Beautiful, Welsh and wild bay pony with four white sox and a big bright star on your crown; I have dreamt of you, all of my life. 

Arthur’s Stone is in the Gower and its mystery lays close to the road from Cilibion to Reynoldston, that traverses the length of Cefn Bryn. 


Arthur’s Stone is muddy and the surrounding heath, despite its elevation, is often waterlogged and boggy. 

Its known as King Arthur’s Stone or Maen Ceti, is a Neolithic burial tomb dating back to 2500 B.C. and was one of the first sites to be protected under the Ancient Monuments Act of 1882.



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