Dim Cariad Fwyaf (No Greater Love)

They say that you can see more stars from here in Wales than from anywhere else in the world. And that there are more stars in the heavens here than all the grains of sand on this earth.

When I think about all the places we’ve been like Paris, Venice, Athens, Cyprus and Sri Lanka, my heart always wants to go back back to Swansea. It’s where my imagination wanders back to all the long stretches of white sand on the warm beaches; Rhosilli, Mumbles, Langland and to The Gower. These are the beaches we’ve walked together and come to love.

I am thankful for finding love again and for the days we have spent together and for all the ones there are to come; I sit here with feeling blessed for the love; your son and thinking of you on this Father’s Day.

I think about how grateful I am, for the times we shared in the years from the past, but I look forward to the ones in future years come, too.

And I will always remember you in these countless, tiny specks, that are beyond measure. And then recall the past the vast expanse of the sky tonight and it’s almost entirely black at night, but dotted with stars, many times the size of Earth.

Those stars, appearing so small, far outnumber all the grains of sand on that beach, but the love I have in my heart is far greater…There are so many, and they are seen as so miniscule, quite pointless compared to my love for him.

And if you think about the scope of life; what else is there but to love anyway. For if love is your passion, it’s not a simplicity of thought; it’s not complicated; it’s just how we remember the way how we love someone.

And who could have ever imagined the vastness and significance of those many infinite stars? I think it’s because you showed me that I could discover how to love again and that there is no greater love than just finding my own. For that I am grateful.

Happy Father’s Day…

All our Love,
Boo, Daze and me.


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