Welsh Roses


Good Morning Wales, 

There are certain people that come into our lives;

Then we write about then and they become the words of our entire life, 

And sometimes they become the one 

Who contains our entire universe. 
In a single moment, words that contains many meanings; these words are about love

And it’s the combination of my heart, 

Of yours and mine, that inspire me. 

Could we be the perfect union between two equal parts … converted into one?
It’s about how we write about it; about who we love;

But in reality there is that there is just one…

That I could write about, that could last forever, 

And that would be you; one in the same 

I love Wales and You. 
Today is my birthday and I just wanted to say Thank you for the beautiful Welsh roses this day. 
I love you. 

~ American Girl in Wales, 05/June/2015


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