Good MorningWales~ St. Ives,  Cornwall 


Good Morning Wales.

We took a holiday down to Cornwall.  It’s St the southern most tip of England. 

Spinning around looking out at the great blue, bright lights of rays raining down, learning to understanding that dreams can come true we wish for it; to want it so deeply that there is nothing else on earth that we want more. 

But also finding life coming together; to grow and not taking one thing for granted. To be open to the gifts that be, even the little things that we think don’t count as much; but indeed they do. The greatest lesson I have learned that some things cannot be forced if it’s not meant to be; that we have to wait for the right time. 


It’s like the time when things meant what I didn’t quite know then. And maybe I’m not quite sure I fully know all of it even now. 

There was a sober period of reflection,  comparison. When you don’t have to work anything out. When it just happens naturally and then I knew these dreams were true in the way I knew that made me feel that I was alive. I had stumbled into a country in which I was not a stranger, but whose language I could understand by instinct, whose habits and customs felt so like my own. 


Taking time to be us; moments of travelling and discovering new places in the company of another. Like being at a wine bar, tasting the fare by the seaside in St. Ives, all afternoon, talking for hours on end about sight and sound and feelings. It feels right and it is and it’s a good thing. 

Learning that one can’t force momentum if you lay flat on a merry go round; waiting for it to move without any action. It’s like trying to zone into a new point of view by waiting for puffs of smoke to hit the ground running when there is no propulsion. 

As the sun sheds metallic tears of blue, saying goodbye to the old moons and I rise to see him each morning him and with love and enthusiasm, he is my lover and my teacher; always awaiting to greet me with something new. 


And so there are no more dark and no fears; for we’ve been accompanied by the galaxy with new sparkles and for each we wish made watching that falling star in the dark of that night, sitting on that bench near the beach in St. Ives; seeing our lives coming together. 



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