Good Morning Wales – Walking in Wales

Singleton Park Botanical Garden, Wales, UK

Good Morning Wales

There are days when we go places, taking  long walks. It’s when I  take long walks in the park; walking with the dog, it inspires me and even if rather it seems, that he is walking me. I don’t mind. 

And even if its pouring down rain, he doesn’t seem to care, neither do I.  My feet get wet down to my socks finding I have to change them at least three times a day.  Wool is best and I usually find a pair of his, hoping he doesn’t mind. 

The dog is named Bo and is part chihuahua; he is like our child. I think he’s more Welsh and maybe even part Golden Retriever, and he doesn’t seem to mind the cold or the rain, he like to retrieve; visiting every canine we pass by. 

Singleton Park Woods, Wales, UK

He carries himself with great confidence of spirit; and only a foot tall at that, through the park we do not missing one tree or a friendly person or another dog, rain or shine. And on these walks, it’s something I look forward to and on a daily basis. It’s like I never see the same thing twice. 

Living so close, just a few blocks from Singleton Park is glorious. I can see why he chose to live here. 


Scultured Garden, Singleton Park

These immaculate grounds are astonishing, originally part of the Vivian family estate, which was purchased by Swansea County Borough Council in 1919. 

The park covers 250 acres of land.  It’s just across facing the Swansea Bay, right on the beach.  It includes a botanical garden, Egyptian Studies Museum, boating lake, Swansea University and a hospital and cottages. 
Some days I’ll find a park bench and start writing, waiting looking out towards the bay, s feel of the breeze in hopes that you will pass by. 

Then there are days when I just watch, looking at other people and in those eyes, just a glimpse, they will be crying, never looking up, staring at their feet, like wildflowers, ignoring all the beauty around them. 


I feel it more than I can see it. The glazed eyes begging for help or a friendly word, but concerned that everyone who passes will be too busy. 

So I know I am blessed, to be content with the day; just to be walking in Wales and wearing your socks. To feel you here, the beauty of this place; and just be happy to nod my head, in appreciation, to say, “Good Morning and Thank you and that I love you.”

And to be be walking in Wales with you. 

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