Good Morning Wales ~ Charlotte, Princess of Cambridge 

Welcome Charlotte, Princess of Cambridge

Born: May 2, 2015 

Parents: William, The Prince of Cambridge and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge 

To watch you grow from the top of the tower,  sweet as a filly, and marvel at how I always remember when I first saw you, though only a day when our eyes first met; I love you already. 

Back to fold, with your Queen brought the world together; her own need to comfort this  little one in tears, for she sees the princess smiling, sparking to Her Majesty’s own.

That was the day we first met, In shining armor, a day when the first bonds of adoration showed, in the form of simply to say,  “it’s my honor, to meet you, your royal highness  I’m sure.”

And, somehow, I pictured you one day, with the Royal Guard. Your armour proving how you could live up to your name as it shines in the setting sun.

For, as we know, royal blood is one whose duty was born to command and protect, to follow the orders to the field and to follow the heart for all good will. 

For that is why I love you. You care for the all those around you before your own, even at the cost of your life.  
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