This morning me and the dogs took a walk in the park. It was nice out, cool, but for Wales, it was almost warm, so we took a different path and a bit longer, discovering a bridge, with a pond; serene, a beautiful calm and very old, yet still strong. 

I stood there for awhile, watching the water lilies from the bridge and watching the dogs playing almost as if dancing in the air; he plays game of tag with the other dogs that I love to watch; they make me happy and I laugh. 

As I watched, my mind drifted, remembering how we stayed up all night and just talking.  Mostly about the possibiities of life; both of with many experiences; although very different. Thinking that I can almost hear his voice, as I turn my thoughts towards him. 

Its amazing how another human can balance another. How a place can connect people and how it’s brought us together. It’s beautiful here. 

Maybe we are like that bridge; and maybe we balance each other so well and perhaps it’s just our love and connection and that we understand each other, 

And it’s in that balance, I think; believing that in our understanding, it’s what makes me love you that much more. And I love being in that place with you. 

Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Photo: Aberystwyth, Wales UK

4 thoughts on “Bridges 

      1. Your rediscovered excitement, happiness, peace, all those human experiences that make life meaningful… excites me too, thrills me, and calms me, reminding me that it plentiful out there if we remain engaged to it and let it in, let it touch us deeply!

        Very happy for you M.! 🙂

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