This morning me and the dogs took a walk in the park. It was nice out, cool, but for Wales, it was almost warm, so we took a different path and a bit longer, discovering a bridge, with a pond; serene, a beautiful calm and very old, yet still strong. 

I stood there for awhile, watching the water lilies from the bridge and watching the dogs playing almost as if dancing in the air; he plays game of tag with the other dogs that I love to watch; they make me happy and I laugh. 

As I watched, my mind drifted, remembering how we stayed up all night and just talking.  Mostly about the possibiities of life; both of with many experiences; although very different. Thinking that I can almost hear his voice, as I turn my thoughts towards him. 

Its amazing how another human can balance another. How a place can connect people and how it’s brought us together. It’s beautiful here. 

Maybe we are like that bridge; and maybe we balance each other so well and perhaps it’s just our love and connection and that we understand each other, 

And it’s in that balance, I think; believing that in our understanding, it’s what makes me love you that much more. And I love being in that place with you. 

Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Photo: Aberystwyth, Wales UK


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