Good Morning Wales – Proper Trimmings

Good Morning Wales,

Where were my manners, “Oh Dear.” 

This morning the gardeners came to take care of the grass and manicure the shrubbery.  There are two of them. Both different, but both very Welsh. One is in the front grooming the roses and the other in back whacking and trimming  the boxwood shrubs. 

They are doing a really nice job. So I told him, the head gardener. And he replied, “thank you, except my man in front working on the roses hasn’t had his tea.” 

So then I apologised for not offering. He said that’s all right; where you from… America? What part?”  

I replied, “Texas.”

He said, ” ah, no tea there, yeah?” Two sugars and lots of milk, he replied. 

Both of us laughing about it and agreeing. I went right to it, making their tea. I served them both, tea and biscuits; Two sugars and lots of milk in large tea mugs; apologising for my shortcomings. 

They were grateful, they even brought their dishes back in and set them on the counter and then thanking me. 

Good thing I had picked up a box of tea biscuits, (cookies) yesterday at the Shops or I really would be in a bad way with the gardeners. 

I would certainly hate for them to feel deprived of a proper tea with biscuits while trimming the shrubbery. 

Photo: Mosaiculture Exhibition

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