For All the Right Reasons


There are times when I get this sudden impulse to write, to say things and sometimes there are the words; rhymes without reason; words out of season just because of an inspiration I read once. 

And perhaps in the style of a poet or writer that I may adore, I come up with expression rather than revealing a meaning. It’s unintended I think.  

Maybe I don’t think enough and certainly don’t mean it. Maybe it’s just an imitation of Possoea. 

It wasn’t made to flatter myself or offend, no hidden intent; it could be just a loose tongue. 
But in my heart are pretty words and kept promises and those will always be in the first and in the right place.

I love you straight on til daybreak, like soliloquy never ending. You laugh, I laugh wince; I whisper love you. 

While you should know and remember that sometimes I cry for no reason at all, but I love you for all the right ones. 

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