Stone Circles

To imagine, to live the life you have so longed desired, becoming aware of everything around you, where living comes alive, to hold it in moments of the absolute.  

Where there is no question about the purpose of your life or await your rebirth or the wonder when your soul will ever be unveiled in its renewal. 

When your love and direction as sure as a grain of sand; knowing each grain will eventually fall through the hour glass. Then all you have to do is turn it and all of life will go on. 

To be as sure as a new day begins watching the splendours of the sun as it rises in the morning and sets in the evening in the glory of its magnitude. 

It comes with the clarity, in the dawn of knowledge, there will come the repeating, the surety and repetitions of each new day; us together for a thousand more years to come. 

As it will surly come with the realisation that you and I are the parts of these parts that are inclusive our lives and to this existence. 

Growing with you, feeding you, feeding me; every bit aware of our habitat that is so vital to our survival is here and now; solid as a rock. 

photo: Gorsedd Stone Circle, 4/22/15

Gorsedd Stone Circle was first erected in Singleton Park in 1925 for the National Eisteddfod of Wales’ Proclamation Ceremony on July 02 of that year. The circle was later enlarged for the Eisteddfod’s revisit to Swansea in 1964 to allow more people to participate in the Proclamation Ceremony.


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