Good Morning Wales – Day 5

Good Morning Wales 

I love seeing you at the front door of my room in the mornings.  

The sun and seagulls wake me up every morning. I hear his foot steps on the way to the kitchen, he still brings me tea and a morning kiss to my bedside every morning and still it stops me  in my tracks, and I am generally taken aback in surprise that someone would take so much interest in me. 

For so many years, I had taken care of others; my family. I guess it’s my turn; they say what goes around comes around, it’s a nice feeling. Thank you for your attention and your affections. 

It was what had first caught my affection for you were the curtains; usually they were drawn fully closed and it became a habit for me to watch you open them as you set down  our tea on the table. 

Morning rituals in itself was unusual – the curtains were never fully closed, nor were they ever fully open. I never assume the morning tea.  

This morning and by far the more important one – was a sleeping body stretched out on the bed next to me. 


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