Welsh Alder Tree


This tree, he hammered and forged life for me

Between the British border, those hot heads,
Half quenched in their youth,

Which we have overcome, they now just emerging from,

They can’t keep me from this country they built
No matter how universal, I’m tough,
Americans do not succumb to rough justice.

And now I will be always on the Welsh side,

The English side of the bridge.

With a loud croonings that can be heard
Voices, bleeding slow currents into the surrounding air,
Embracing and instilling a great Revival at last,

Let my blood spill over Wales, the blood cwtching this land 

It’s my choice, the choice is mine;

The indiscretion of becoming truly Welsh.


The Alder Tree is a traditional Celtic wood known for courage, adventurism and self-reliance. It is a selfless protector, especially against drowning and death and is a solid shield against curses and ill-omens. Associated with warriors and explorers it helps protect against conflict and prepare for unwanted intrusions. This may be due to its connection with the Welsh god Bran – Alder was his sacred tree and one of his main functions was as a defender, keeping enemies at bay.

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