Growing Family


So, we’ve decided to go house hunting… I guess that what new couples do; is to collaborate on making a new space together. 
Our newly made family is already quite large, with the two of us, two chihuahua’s and a feral cat; whom already seem to have utterly adopted me.  It certainly makes for one big happy family. 
I would like a fairly decent size house I think. My new husband seems to have a fairly large family as so I, so having a nice space for all Hearts, (my husband) hobbies as well as the visiting family, entertaining, and of course the doggies is a must. Heart collects clocks and photos, you know. He has piles of them. The other night I had a dream about moving his stuff…maybe it’s possible. 
Anyway the house we looked at today was four stories high, the steps up to the door, unattended, a bit looming, some were broken and covered in green ivy. If I’d wanted a tree house, I would have asked. 
The windows once were overflowing with people were ivy crept in and then turned back to peek out at the surrounding world. The overgrowth had curled around the steps as if cradling an injured soul, trying to protect it from further harm; filling the cracks as if to the greenery would try and heal them.
I don’t think that was the one; I’m not sure, but I think it had a dungeon even.  I told Heart; “can we please find one with a thatch roof built into a tree, that looks like a mushroom, you know, one of those traditional Victorian Welsh houses?” So we’re still looking… I don’t think it won’t be long now since we both agree on the style. 

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