Good Morning Wales 


Upon my arrival home, to Wales, I was greeted by the doggies and the cat. Except the cat had something extra special for me on the landing to the bathroom when I awoke that first morning back. At first I was rather startled thinking why would he do such a thing.   How dare he go chasing birds and a robin red breast at that; leaving dead on the floor with all its feathers flown about for me to step on and nearly tripping.  But then, I got to thinking…maybe the cat was doing what cat’s do best. He brought me the best thing he could catch, and he did it for me. That must have taken a lot of thought and skill.   At that point, I realised it was his way of greeting me, maybe, he was just doing what cats do; I believe it was my welcome home; his way of saying good morning and welcome back. 


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