Contest “Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, te volgio”


“Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, te volgio” 
The girl who became a queen too
She had a love, it was Albert,
The Prince of Wales. 

And if there was ever a big love, 
It was as big her United Kingdom,
It was theirs, she felt the charm of his scented mouth.
Together, they had 9 children. 
Oh my Queen, I can see your sad,
Albert essence was the light of your soul. 
A face full of sorrow … my sweet

Today I will miss nothing 
There are no secrets anymore 
Between you and me, 
Th opposition of subtle and quiet 

In your diary, I read,
“I enjoyed Albert’s company from the beginning,

He extremely handsome; 
And his hair is about the same colour as mine; 

His eyes are large and blue, and he has a beautiful nose and a very sweet mouth with fine teeth;

But the charm of his countenance is his expression, which is most delightful.”

Queen Victoria was sworn to love him until death, 
And and to love Albert after death, 
Sworn to love him even more.

Photo: Victoria and Albert on their wedding day. Victoria bragged about their active sex life (after the wedding) and had about a hundred babies to prove it.

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