Right to my Heart


To travel Wales is like a new puppy, it goes straight to my heart … A love I never expected. 

It has the beauty of a deserted beach, like a wild sea at its farthest most of ancient places with foaming waves, 

Playful, curious at times, and bit rebellious when the wind lets out. 

As if nobody looked… Perhaps no one else realised the godsend you were to be. 

But when I saw you … the second I saw you! You left a wound in my soul that adores you; 

It’s as if something had broken, a dock, a barrier that has been released this river of tears and sobs.

To be without you suffering devours me, breathing slows my and all I want is my heart stay there, 

Listening to your heart, touching rubbing and enveloped by the cool night wind.

Only the slow thrum of a distant clock, the surrounding breathing, and now this breathless love.

Wales is the fortune of my life, so immense, so deep, that I would not change it for all the world.

Not the chance to be with you. 

One more time. 

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