Journal of American Girl in Wales   The Promise Chapter 2

Ecstatic at the thought; to be graced by your presence in anticipation; knowing my heart will break right out of my beating chest; the very instant I see you again. 

But despite all that … I promise to love you even beyond this life.

My existence begins with you and you alone. You are my only one and my first and last, of what is to be. 

Speaking of the only one, you are your fathers only son. He called me today; just checking up; worried a bit, about when I get to come back home. “Soon I hope,” I said. I’m glad he is so easy to talk to. I actually enjoyed hearing from him. 

Such a kind, gentle heart; you are a lot like him. He was wondering about my return to Wales.  I think he was mostly thinking about his boy’s heart and of course, rightly so. That’s what Father’s do. They worry about their children’s hearts of a promise kept, offering advice; attempts to protect them and keeping their promises. 

I will keep my promise too; to not let us fall out; to make new us just another memory. I love you, with all the tears that might spring from our time apart. 

I let everyone know your love for me.
And with your existence first and foremost in my life, I promise you, I will write the story of our love.


With all my soul full of feeling. I will write with blood, with ink made of the sea; of the times we will walk along the cliffs 
of Rhosilli, where the sky arcs, meeting the water running northward; near the ship wrecked Helvetia. It’s where there are days you can’t tell where the sky begins or the ocean ends; where there are miles if sandy beaches and sand dunes

Beyond that beach, just north is the highest point on the bay is the Beacon. That place where geologist found a number of prehistoric remains. It is between Rhossili Down and the beach proper that the Wreck was found. 

And at low tide, you can see the remains of wood from the ship wreck of the Helvetia being the most prominent when looking north. It’s been there a long long time and so, there I’ll be there too. Just wait for me, wait for me there. 



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