Swansea Bay ~  South Wales Evening Post

Swansea Bay (WelshBae Abertawe)

On the southern coast of Wales

Where five rivers flow through it

Banking into the bay, out into the Irish Sea

And all the upper reaches of the Bristol Channel

Experiencing one of the largest tidal ranges 

In the entire world.


Maybe missing a place,  are about the places that call you back. Like the feeling you have to return, or go there again or else you you might die. Wales is that place for me. 
Even though we had our writing; We write everyday, but I think it’s was our way communicating and our way of staying connected. 
What I miss walks in the park and long conversation, lots of beach time, cooking, dining out, cooking, reading and writing everyday, there’s lots to see and everywhere to go to take lots of photographs, and day trips, shopping in the Markets and Sunday fairs and river cruises down  the Tawe River to Landovey.
Wales is a place of bed & breakfast stays and morning coffee, Sunday paper, galleries and museums, and long weekends in London with you. Weekend drives to the mountains or all day at the beach. I never did get bored hanging out.
Maybe take a antique road trip to find a treasure or something to set our heart afire. I can hear your sweet words of excitement when you do. 
I am already almost ready to return to the the British Isle’s. To begin a life long romance with life in Wales. For this and all the summers to come. Looking forward, maybe see you next Sunday.
All I know is that, its everything that feels right in this world. 

23 startling pictures which show this isn’t just a bay, it’s Swansea Bay | South Wales Evening Post.

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