Letters To Cymru

You said to write down my thoughts, to let you know how I’m doing. I’m missing you, that’s what I aim not to do. How am I?….I’m fine. 
How lovely and sweet is your skin… I taste you with with each glance of my eyes. It makes me shiver inside. When you sleep and we are connected. I see myself lost in thoughts of you. 
How lovely to be able to sleep again. I’m tired and I’m weary of waiting. Just when your eyes are closed, you know how you mouth breathes and you drewl from the corner of your mouth and then wipe it on the covers.  
I wished I could sleep like that again to reach your shoulders, to touch your hair, to feel your breath with my spit on your pillow. 
I wished I could wake you up with a kiss. Just as quickly as blinking eyes. 
Would you discover if it was really me or pretend you were dreaming then snort and close your eyes real fast again. 
Would you let me fall in love with me inside your mind?Would you make us together in your dreams? Would you wish to close your eyes to see us together while you are awaken? 
Smoke in bed, bring me tea?
I know, we will be together, soon as though we’ve never  been apart  by now. Time has been slow but life is running so fast. Faster than I can keep up with. 
I am trying to be, everything you think I ought to be, to get away from here; and back to my beautiful Wales.  
There seems no escape: you are always by my mind, always so quiet, so serious, suck solitary… I am very proud of you for staying strong. 

You make me stronger. You are so great and so strong, I know while its hard to sleep, to eat anything, but candy you know makes me feel better.

If I could, I would love the way you’ve held my hand, and guided me all the way.

Thank you for watching out for me and adoring me the way I do you. I want to follow in your steps; I want to put my fingers between yours. 
I want to put my lips between yours, I want to taste your flavour. We’re both a little fragile still. 
I hope you can wait a bit longer. I miss your moves, your gazes, your words, your voice and your breath. 
You could easily read the poetry I try to make up in my head. 

I will always be watching you, always paying attention to you because you’re my passion, and my beloved.

My feelings, the feeling, about you. I adore you.

I love you, Cymru.

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