the wait


I often find myself in situations where I have to be honest. Staring up at the ceiling as I lay in my bed, with thoughts racing through my head. Questions awaken within my heart, and I struggle to search for the answers. A lot of the time all I’m able to find is more questions, and answers are nowhere to be found. 

Though some may not believe, I do… And so I continue to write in my head and heart before reciting them aloud. I pray for answers, for resolution, for guidance. I pray for a lot of things, for different people, for different reasons. I don’t always get the answer I want, and I don’t always get it as soon as I’d like.. but sooner or later I get my answers. Sometimes my prayers are answered in the manner I’d like, other times I get an answer I don’t like. I suppose I’ve gone on long enough though. I hope He likes it. 
He tells us, “we will not see light in light so easy, but there will be times when you will fall into darkness; but when the light comes again, it will be brighter then you will ever imagine. Look around yourself and notice light in everything that surrounds you and you might find some answers you seek.”
My question is how will I know 
Maybe I should just believe.
I do believe… 
He has been very generous to me. 

When I wake up I might find a letter
An answer to the questions inside
With a hope that I’ve got the answers
The one I’ve been waiting for. 

I know your feel my eager desire too
It’s so strong that will I weep tears. 
I will write more letters to Him
And I will not fear. 
The answers always come. 


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