Hearts and Counterparts


I’m still here in the states, but I’m so looking forward to returning to Wales. I’ve been dealing with life here and in doing so, I’ve had time to reflect on the past and look forward for the future. I miss Wales, but I miss you more.

Thinking back, how I lost my father so many years ago. I never really knew him. Although, I had great male role models in my life; but there was always something missing. I can’t go back because he’s been gone a long time. Even when I married my late husband, he was twenty years older than me; So I never had the chance to know his father either.

Time passes and I’ve gotten older and I have been lucky to meet someone and remarry. It’s like I know something ended and something new has begun.

None of the old remains, but everything is in place to build upon. I met his mother, What an elegant emerald; she seems to be a intelligent women and very strong too. Such women are to be respected and I admire her a great deal. I know she likes me; which is important and I know it’s must be hard giving up your only son to another. I think we will be friends. She is my first mother in law and I am delighted to know her.

In December we spent Christmas with his father; a true British Gentleman by every sense of the meaning; who is on foreign assignment in another country. I say that for privacy reasons to keep his identity protected. So I am lucky enough to have both a mother and a father in law. Although it may not see like a big deal to some, but when you have it, one tends to take those things for granted. But I won’t, I will cherish the value of family for the rest of my life and I will never take then for granted.

It hasn’t been long since I met them, but if they ever get to read this, I want then to know that I love you both and to thank you for bringing your son into this life; your child is my man and my life. There are things we should never take for granted and I never will. Family is so important and this one means everything to me.

It’s as if my heart, has met its counterpart, my soul and it’s mate; my life. I love you.

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