My Cymru (Wales)


I closed my eyes, and I stood surrounded
By the beautiful Irish Sea
High above a mountaintop, there was a Castle keep
It was near Snowdonia, near the cliffs edge
Where I let the wind blow across my face,
I throw you my name, Cymru,
My lifeline out into the sea of green and blue,
The same color of your eyes.
Wales is hope and I am hoping that you will catch me.
It’s a land so ancient that I am hoping to stay
To spend an eternity there; With you and to experience you,
Where I will learn more about you and to love you more
And I will write and be inspired; And sometimes,
I hope to inspire you too.
You are so beautiful;
I love you….Cymru. (Wales)


23 thoughts on “My Cymru (Wales)

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  2. Loved your poem and the accompanying video was wonderful. I was born in Wales, but haven’t really lived there, although I do travel often across the Irish sea to Wales and onwards to England to visit family. Seeing this film made me want to return to the land of my ancestors. Thank you for this very spiritual post.

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