when holidays collide.

My kind of girl. Baaaaa

I didn't have my glasses on....


happy chinese lunar new year 2015


there is some controversy.

is this

the year of

the sheep,

the ram,


the goat?

opinions differ


everyone agrees

on one thing

it’s  a horned animal

of some sort



looks like

these two


started early


wandered in

from an


mardi gras




– credits: google images, bbc.com

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6 thoughts on “when holidays collide.

    1. Early is good. It’s funny this post appeared today. I lost my glasses somewhere in the packing yesterday. I think they fell off in one of the boxes. They are new, but I have not been able to see very well anyway. I love your blog by the way.. It’s one of my favs.


      1. It’s a great place, life there is a bit calmer, it’s a peace to be able to live in such a beautiful place. No major distractions, it’s inspiring and ancient. I love taking pictures and real writing about and the research of ancient timeless places. I’m really into telling historical nonfiction stories about people and the places they lived. I love making history fun.


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