Britain, a view from my Window

IMG_2704 (Photo taken in London. Near Parliament Square on our way to Cartier to pick out our rings.)

London, Wales, the British Isles; it was such another world that I had came from… From Texas; its so far and vast; but I wonder, was my life so unique and so different from your own.

I think you born in an age and a place where magic lived and society was lead by the masses. I’ve never seen anything like England. The diversity is as immense as the population.

IMG_2705 (Big Ben, London)

How could a child born there live; to brought into my life; that would one day love me and lead me into a lifetime that was truly different from the one I had always known.

Hardly anyone leaves Texas; especially when they were born here, but I did. I did it for you and I’d do it again.

Some days my past is still a blur and the future of us still unwritten; I don’t think we are meant to know everything until it happens. If we did we wouldn’t have anything to anticipate or to look forward to.

Although sometimes my emotions get in the way. It’s about the days we spent together in London and everywhere you took me.

IMG_2706 (a day in London, a view from a London Cab)

My personality seems to get in the way of reality. I go from being sure/fire; independent strong-willed, warm and open-minded, to tense and apprehensive.

Maybe this distance thing back in the States has kicked me in the balls. It’s made me humble, that’s for sure. So I’m going to follow all the rules this time. I promise no matter what I’ll be back to my beautiful Wales soon.

I long for my Britain, the beauty, it’s culture and its lovely history; even in its vastness and in spite of everything; its just my view looking out the window of a London Cab.

I miss you so.

IMG_2708 (Severn Bridge- the gateway from England to my Wales.)


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