Whale Watching


When you look at me, I hope the image you see is a girl with a kind heart, who loves you dearly and is strong enough to face life; overcoming all obstacles. As I sit here tonight, I was reminiscing about our whale watching adventure in Sri Lanka.

We were in Kandy, Sri Lanka, on the boat heading out in the Indian Ocean. We were going whale watching. Halfway to our destination on choppy waters, we saw very few, some people saw nothing, maybe they were not looking. But I was looking and listening to their sounds. I spotted two. The water was rough, and the fierce rain had finally subsided and all you could here were the faint sounds of the waves splashing the boat.


There were a few whales whose tail fins raised up to the surface long enough to breathe, then releasing the water from their spouts, it was like they were joining in a wild symphony. Once, one whale raised their head from the water coming up high, then diving back down. It was something to behold. At seeing this, even though it was so far away, I nearly collapsed and I laughed incoherently, delighted. At that moment, I felt in my bones creaking, the boat was in the wake of other boats rushing by, that it tossed me about and in losing my balance, I was trying to hang on, but I fell on my knees then went backwards on my behind. You didn’t see me fall, thank goodness. You probably would have double over laughing. Needless to say, my butt was bruised… This was one of the things on my bucket list…I will come back, I promised myself. I will study these creatures, hoping you come with me.


Underneath me, the water was filled with that sweet sound, inaudible above the surface: and for a moment I dreamed of the voices of whales singing to their babies. Few creatures experience stronger familial bonds than they. If they were a pod, it would be led by the eldest female. They say their offspring stay with them throughout their entire lives. This whale family must have been spread out to the west and to far to the northeast. We were two hours from shore about three miles away. We could not see many of them through the darkness of the ocean, except when they surfaced. But water is a wonderful medium for sound, and their voices are enormous. A whale that close to shore might be rare, despite the distance. Nevertheless, I looked out in anticipation anyway.


As I write, about that day on the water, I wish I could have heard the voices of the whales. Maybe I will one day, we will go back there again. And maybe I will see them through the vast darkness of sheer distance, and listen to their voices. I’ve heard whales have melodious squeals and whistle. I don’t know what they meant to convey, but for me, maybe they are saying; “Come back to us. We are here.”


I intend to do so, though the journey will take us across continents towards the equator. It will take me away from all I have known. We must forge our own path, together, neither of us are alone anymore. And no, I am not afraid anymore. I don’t mind crossing wide and vast stretches of water as long as we are together. I know we will always be connected; there is no distance that separates us even now. I am only on the far shore, listening and waiting. Can’t wait to return and I love you. Thank you for taking me there…


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