Laugharne Castle


“In a country with relatively few great churches and abbeys, and even fewer unfortified manor houses, the Castles of Wales form the most imposing group of monuments left from the Middle Ages.

In terms of grandeur they are second only to the dramatic landscape.”

~ Adrian Pettifer
“Welsh Castles”

“Laugharne is perhaps best known for its associations with Dylan Thomas, but for the past 20 years, the picturesque castle, sited on the Taf estuary, has been the subject of painstaking archaeological investigation and gradual restoration. There was probably a Norman castle here by the early 12th century, though the upstanding remains can be traced back no further than the work of the de Brian family in the late 13th century. From the de Brians and their descendants, in 1488 the lordship and castle passed to the earls of Northumberland. In 1584, Elizabeth I granted Laugharne to Sir John Parrott, said to have been the illegitimate son of Henry VIII.”


4 thoughts on “Laugharne Castle

      • You ‘re very welcome Dear. I used to live in Criccieth in North Wales, and my husband took me to Powys and SOuth Wales. I have never seen more beuty in my life.

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  1. Me either. I live there most of the time. This past fall we went exploring castles every week end. We visited 18 out of 400. I love talking pictures. I love history and geography. I’m a bit of a geek. I started sharing some of my landscape photos with national geographic just for fun.


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