Texas Bred and British Bound


There must be a great secret to why being an expat is so alluring. Going places all around the world; but mostly in Wales. My friends back home in the States are always asking me, “where is Wales?” So I just say, “It’s in the United Kingdom, near London.” Well it’s not really, but they get the general idea. So at gatherings and meetings, I’m always having to tell my stories about my travels and the things I do, sharing my thoughts, and writing in between flights at cafés while collecting information on local cultural happenings.


The one thing I particularly notice most of all is when I look at the people in the places that I visit and rarely do I meet up with another American, much less a Texan and even more rare is a girl at best.

I see myself an avid traveler and hopeful expat, I enjoy sharing my experiences and tips with my friends and family and other enthusiastic explorers. I love to talk and write about them too, although I am a fairly new at writing.


But as any expat will tell you, there is nothing more boring than listening to someone rave on about an airport experience; which I hope not to do. However, one day, I hope to be an expat and a journalist, so if there are places you’d like to find out about, let me know; I’ll be more than happy to share them with you.



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