Fifteen days


To go on loving you and all that I’ve put you through; it’s not your fault, it’s mine. That I didn’t mean for this, this distance to happen and I blame myself for everything. And if only I had known, maybe things would be different.

I have dreams of how things are suppose to be. Very few times in my life, I haven’t got what I wanted. I go after it and I get it. But this time, I wake up at night, thinking how I miss that feeling, of that feeling of you. Missing your kisses, missing your smile, missing us. I miss home.

I think our love is so perfect; and when I look in the mirror I remember to keep smiling. I’m strong enough to never give up. I won’t give up, but maybe I should have held your hand tighter, held you longer, I could have been even stronger; I don’t know.

All I know is, I will, we will, get through this; it’s just the waiting that delays us. I hope it doesn’t take another fifteen days; only thing is; a heart just wants what it wants.

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