When are together, But I think there is always something deeper happening, which was the case, it was just being us. I would smile and smile again. And he would smile awkwardly back. “Catch you later”, he would say, “Cheers” walking off, going to work.

I would find him trembling and tense, sometimes; thinking he hated leaving me and going to work somedays. His knuckles would get white and his fingertips cold. He took two deep breaths and tried to relax. “Control” I thought. It’s alright, “I’ll be here when you get back.” A kiss and he’d be off.

When he got home, he would get his music out again. We’d stay up all night sometimes playing music, cooking, drinking wine, scrabble? Then he’d play guitar and sing to me. “More daydreams for you”…. “I wrote a song for you today.”

I poured the wine as he sang, then asked him, “would you like a beer instead?” “Cheers” he replied, and then he would glance over at me as I took a seat. Just as my butt reached the edge of the chair, a tremendous sound filled the room. And he would strum his guitar and sing for me, watching me so closely. I loved that.

My heart jumped out of my chest every time. I tried to be cool and controlled.

We’d stop whatever we were doing and just laughed for a bit. He’d shrugged it off and start again. Then, I would look directly at him. I was thunderstruck, dropping back into my chair; my heart raced. Hoping this dream we were living could last for years.

I think that is what a good relationship is about; it’s about truly enjoying everything about another’s company; and supporting them and loving everything about them, no matter what. Cheers.


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