In my past existence, I did not believe it could happen. I hoped and prayed even, but into my core, I did not believe. I thought I had to believe in it for it to come about.

So in my essence, I walked in the world feeling detached and despondent, even while I smiled and laughed and I tried to be love to everything around me.

I stood in awe at the sunrise, and last night, the moon bright over my head, and from the trees, as each new leaf that I watched gently fall, as each tree tended its life with a mighty crash on the forest floor. This is how our lives would begin.

It’s just me, I’m all that is left and every dream I could not bear to believe in, has come about. And it’s all happened in these last few hours.

I celebrated being with you and found joy in his belonging. Our love was sacred. That the two of us did not become the desert that it was our destiny to become one if all remained the same.

I believed you could save the world, save me at the last possible moment.

We watched the tides coming in on Swansea Bay come to us and we drank wine and bathed in the ocean and so it resurrected our lives.

The beauty that happened I could never have foretold or expected. We grew illuminated by the sun that passed over the place and so it brought clear thinking to us and a release from the ancient pain we carried in the before.

It eased our longing, I love the Welsh green hills and we experienced the miracle of friendship. The miracle of growing, of love and discovery. It was not an easy transition. Not as easy as the simplicity of each person waking up to a profound love of being alive. It was if we suddenly grew wings and it was if only for a little while, we touched.

As we slowly and painfully grew, while we writhed in our beds and screamed for relief, that we that we could for inasmuch become of humankind’s history we so much longed for, dreamed of companionship.

We burned for love through our skin over months of agony and blood and scabs forming and reforming.

Until in the end, we emerged as bright and colorful new for discovery.

In the process, we have given birth to ourselves and becoming again as child-like in awe of our bodies and in a playfulness in this new potential.

I remember so well the day I staggered from my bed and unfurled my new home with you for the first time.

Despite all the miracles I had witnessed in the awakening, you emerged in my mind.

My old ways would no longer be relevant in Wales. With less daylight, its not a world of warmth and balmy weather. And suddenly having to wear clothes for modesty became necessary. It gets cold here.

A new trust grew up between us and the old fell away. And we found beautiful things and writing that he made and showed it to me.

From that moment on everything else was sadly inefficient compared to what we had created; that took us where we needed to be; it was just us from then on.

About the Photo: The Powys was a Welsh kingdom that emerged during the Middle Ages after the end of Roman rule in Britain. where its boundaries originally extended from the Cambrian Mountains in the west to include the modern West Midlands region of England in the east. The fertile river valleys of the Severn and Tern are found here, and this region is referred to in later Welsh literature as the Paradise of Powys.


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