Despite All Fear


It is a bittersweet consolation, when these days are at its lowest tide. No word today regarding my VISA. Waiting all day by the phone, checking emails; with no updates. The sky cries a million tears; crashing like waves washing them away. I think I let Terri down, but I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry, sweet friend. I’ll make it up as soon as I hear a word from the embassy.

The world seems so passive when seen through bleary eyes; don’t they know I’m waiting? How many million times do they make our lives collide?
So many empty beaches, with no life there. How can you make difference if you don’t care.

No wonder there is so much of that we cannot control; for they have injured me and my wings are grounded. I have tired to fly; but they won’t keep us down. I’ll figure out a way. I miss my Wales. I miss my sweet love. I have hope.

Still all your words I have loved and heard. Thank you for waiting patiently and for writing to me every day. I love that. Painful thoughts are now dissolving.

Soon these heavy hearts will be lifted and I will gaze upon you once more, with lips long to greet your kiss and with these hands eager to touch and arms longing to hold you and a reminiscent heart that will not be defeated.

Yet, with sheer desperation, we still love. In the knowledge lives will survive this life and beyond and if this is what it takes to make our forever begin, then this is the step we’ll take to move us forward; bearing it through this gale.

For amidst it all and through this storm, only one thought crossed my mind; our senses clear; surviving these depths, we will heal and overcome, for those who truly love; strength will prevail, despite all fear.

~American Girl in Wales

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