British Consulate General


It’s quiet here tonight, thinking about you again, with so much distance between us, wondering if you were thinking about me too. Hoping to hear from you. I hope I didn’t wake you.

My VIsa Application was delivered by UPS today and signed for by the British Consulate General. And I was thinking if by chance, if I were delayed the Visa to return to you; “do you think I should attempt an appeal?”

Wondering if I would be asked the question: “How could my existence to settle possibly benefit the United Kingdom?” That is a question I might be asked. “What could I say that could be the most compelling?”

I do not own UK property, never been offered a job there, I don’t pay any taxes, no special talents per say, no ancestry, but I do have a husband with whom I believe, because of our union has improved the quality of his life, not only his life, but my life too as his mate and partner; as his wife, I will be his rock and for the rest of it; all that I can offer is kindness with charity to others.

And sometimes it will be enough and with my ongoing love and support, with me by his side, I truly believe it will even strengthened more him and his well being.  It is necessary as an Educator and academic at the university, not only for his students, but for the community, and for the faculty and colleagues as well. Not to mention his family and friends and the impact the quality of life has on my life and so many others, now and in the years to come.

Then, if they asked me; “Why at best would someone like me, an all American girl, with all the Freedoms and civil liberties in life in America, want to become involved in a place or situation where i was not born.”

I just want to be considered to belong; even if it would mean feeling at odds in a place, even if I might barely be able to cope with the risk or possibility of refusal; for my husband is my life, my family and the separation is unbearable. I need to be there even if it means at any time I could be denied a piece of paper with a Visa Stamped on it.

In school we were taught that the United Kingdom has had a long and proud history and it’s statutes are known for its honour of a strong humanitarian legacy, so sacred are their beliefs in human rights, charity and compassion with dignity; so therefore I must ask; if I am not allowed to remain with my husband; What happened to his rights as a fellow Brit and what about my human rights as his spouse? Why if I am a legitimate and proper; How could I be refused?

Yet, if I should not be at least, granted entry; would it be with a desired measure of compassion, empathy, charity and propriety… That if The General allows me a Visa, then if so, then I could not refuse a stay.

For I deserve in as much as any other humble, hopeful immigrant has done with grace.


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