Migrating In Wales

To migrate is typically thought of that like of a bird who flies from one place to another, it’s always moving and changing according to the seasons; It’s like it knows when autumn is coming,

We know it too when the geese begin to migrate south; flying from one place to another. That’s what its like when I came here and found you; both of us were a bit southbound, but it’s where I discovered Wales too.

I just knew. And it was if I almost could feel the blood beneath my skin changing direction.

Conscious change like that and it requires a benign purpose, it should come without regard to the perception of others; but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

And I find the laws of immigration here I could be based on the perception of another’s judgement of me.

If I get a Visa; the decision should not be based on If I wear shoes or not, but to just to welcome these foreign feet that wish to settle there with you so far from home.

And to the British Consulate General; Thank you for just standing by me without raising any objection to my infringement; or giving me tacit assent; and thank you for your agreement and consent by silence or without objection. That is all I ask…

Mumbles Head
In the district in Swansea, Wales, UK

Mumbles or The Mumbles (Welsh: Y Mwmbwls) is the headlight on the western edge of Swansea Bay. The lighthouse was built during the 1790s and was converted to solar powered operation in 1995.

It is was named by French sailors, after the shape of the two anthropomorphic islands which comprise the headland. In French ‘Marmonnée’ means ‘Fwmialaf’ in Welsh, defined in English it means ‘Mumbled.’ Another possible source of the name is from the word Mamucium which is thought to derive from the Celtic language meaning breast-shaped hill.

Photography by Melony Hamilton-Hart


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