Humble Pie


Nothing anyone can say will burst my bubble today. Your wings are warm in mine despite the lack of sun. This butterfly was blessed with humility; it was when I was at Heathrow entering the UK and was given temporary admission with an allegedly expired Visa when the wind got knocked out of me. Talk about humble pie… I was served with a great big sloppy slice it.

Maybe I felt like I was over served my portion, I have to keep go on believing It’s in the heart of my hearts that I must keep going and that it’s enough to know that nothing will ever tear us apart.

Humility is when you turn your head to meet their eyes again but don’t, because regardless you just know that your eyes will always be reflecting the truth.

So it’s here I await to see my beautiful Wales again, where there will be no more cloudy skies, all the Colours of green are there and.the Irish Sea, and the Gower and Swansea Bay and once more I will whisper in your ear, and yours in mine; “it’s your turn to walk the dog,” while bending all your thoughts discussing philosophy with endless music, wine and smokey conversation, with your words I love to hear.

But until then, I must obey man’s laws and not to ignore the One above, or whomever each of us perceive Him to be, by not restricting, but remembering His gift is our union, not forbidding our love, but has merely tested our faith.

We will only pass through this world but once. Any if there be any good to be done, let me do it; therefore that I can do or anything with you in my heart and by my side.

Give me Patience, compassion, charity and love is all that I can be and know that I am only human. Let kindness prevail in my heart and let me do it now. Let me not be deferred nor neglected, for I shall see you again soon. I love you.


6 thoughts on “Humble Pie

    • Hey Wiltshire Poet, glad to meet you and thank you for your reply. Isn’t that where Stonehenge is… I would love to see it someday, but unfortunately I can’t. Having to return to Texas suddenly and all. I can only imagine, a extraordinary beautiful place that must be. I am infatuated with ancient archeology. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog too. American Girl in Wales…. From Texas.


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