How To Fly


We met in a internet cafe one day and shared a cup of tea online with so much to say as we chatted until the next afternoon before leaving a few minutes with our own dinner plans.

We thought we were set, but then we came right back it was almost perfect in that moment, leaving the evening ended with an extended long goodnight chat that lasted until this very day.

So we had many more dinners and keyboard kisses and sometimes we stayed up all night until breakfast, thinking we were smitten with each other; never knowing what this was or how long it would last.

So days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months and Google Hangouts became our favourite sign-in and it’s where we found a kindred affection within and a friendship of the most virtuous kind; but our joy was short lived knowing our home’s were oceans part…could it be that one of us would have to fly away?

Indeed it was me for it was my wings that were not tied down here or to anyone or anything. So it was I, the girl who was in America and he was the one in the British Isles with a really good job, but in a place I had never heard of before called Swansea in Wales; it was where he lived.

We thought we could be happy if we could meet just once, so I packed up to come; its where I found him, it’s when I decided to stay and it’s how I learned to fly and it’s where I met him that day on the Internet cafe.


5 thoughts on “How To Fly

  1. Nice one. internet Cafe. I’ve got a bum. It’s been a run for us. She said to the red Queen. Yep anyway, the cauldron calls where fisties lay yawn.

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