Awaiting you awaiting me

Eventually it would be just the two of us again, but it was now when the emotions came, where taking turns touching down with caresses, which seemed to be only the intimacy between you and me before I had to leave. These were the last few instincts that were instilled in us, to say our last goodbyes, parting for a brief time. It had to be this way before being torn apart by the border patrol. I think this was the hardest parting I have ever experienced; to be united and then suddenly separated by a continent, by the laws of immigration, because it really seems to me that I just found you.
It seems so unfair to have to leave you now.

As an American in the UK, I discovered it’s impossible to obtain a Visitors VISA for longer stay than six months. You literally have to leave England from Heathrow, return to America and not to be able to return for 24 hours minimum or you will be deported. As ridiculous as it seems; anyone who does not have the means to pay for their ticket home would have to go back to the original country their last departure of origin, which in my case would have been Sri Lanka and would not be allowed back in the UK if you did not comply.

So all I can remember is our last goodbye, like they were like the the touches of cloves and cinnamon massaging souls and spices, the unknown scents dissipating, as we moved into the last of our heated affections, and yet, in these last few minutes, it moved us into chaste positions; perched upon our hips, then our sides, under your shoulders, and kisses and where my tears fell down again into spaces so evasive, and it’s where I found you giving me constant attention.

It was when we looked into each other’s eyes, for the last time and you were able to tell that my heart was sad, finding that I would begin to long for your quality of being, of this last meeting between us; quite literally, until the bright lights dimmed, leaving me, having silent conversation between the border agents and that was all that was left hanging in the air, leaving me with only minutes that left us stretched into our last few peaceful moments together; missing you and awaiting me; awaiting you.

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