We were to experience more, I waited all night but no knock at the door, perhaps it was too much celebrating; too much champagne although friends and family had seen our being, searching for months with a glimpse of seeing he was truly happy for the first time in along time.

Missing him, missing me, was from now on, was never to be; looking on; I nearly collapsed to a bow when he said ” I do.” I said, ” I do too. When I looked into his eyes, never once did he blink, nor I.

So the years will pass without a memory left behind. We have our new targets set. Maybe, you will be like a beacon, perhaps a lighthouse, a light to navigate and my protector from storms.

It’s more than a glimmer of hope, it’s a raising of his hand, giving my cheek a stroke. The journey is written all over, to go through life alone would be such a loss, searching for a memory lost would be to great for one to bare.

At this moment I realised my lover, was my best friend, to be taken and claimed by no other; Gripping my chest to wipe a tear with my sleeve.

I awaited for him to come to my rescue, never to leaving me in the depths to drown, but to begin a life and now, we are in plain sight for all the world to see.


Mumbles Head
S. Wales, UK

“This stone lighthouse has stood on the outer islet at Mumbles Head since 1794. Originally a twin platform construction with a coal fired beacon on each, it was designed to alert passing ships of the dangerous Mixon Sands and Cherry Stone Rock – two massive undersea sand banks that have caused the destruction of countless ships and taken the lives of hundreds of seamen over the centuries.”
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