Layers of Wales- Penrice Castle


“All the Colors of Green”
Book II

I lay absolutely still, white fleece complimenting the wet grasses contrasting with the piercing blue sky perfectly. I am feeling high on life even though it’s so cold outside that single bright light that we call the sun radiates so little heat at this time of the year, but it is just being here makes me feel so pleasantly warm from head to toe. And so I wear lots of layers and wool.

It’ had been awhile since I’ve stayed in bed this long; These chilly days in the warmth of your arms make me feel peaceful and the more time I spend when you its like I’m hibernating waiting for spring.

This morning I had awoken for the purpose of writing. He had spoken to his mom on the who has been sick with a flu Understandably won’t make it to the reception. But every moment I spent with you is precious and there would be someone special who would stand up for us and I took her every word to heart, knowing that, it could not more perfect.

So here I lay, contemplating my place in the world beneath this blanket waiting for you to come home so we can begin our evening together at home in the warmth of your arms.

Chapter 2.4





Penrice Castle
The Gower
South Wales

The ringwork called Mountybank near the church is the site of Henry de Beaumont’s original castle. The earthworks are extensive but very much overgrown. Wooden stakes were found in the bank in 1927. Penrice passed later to a family of knights who took from it the name de Penres. Robert de Penres at about the time of his marriage in 1237 transferred to the other side of the ravine north of the church, building a round keep and a thin curtain wall running NE from it to cut off the promontory neck. After the Welsh revolts of the 1250s and 60s he enclosed the rest of the site with stone walls with tiny round flanking turrets. A long barn was provided on the NE side and the vulnerable west side was re-developed with a hall block and a gatehouse.


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