You jump–I Jump


There came the time when he asked to me to be his permanently; to tie the game knot; if you jump, I jump. Believing he to be my fortress and solitude, because things were as equivalently true as Newton’s laws of motion; conversation about marriage would not be held within the confines of himself.

It was never awkward talking about anything; always slow and warm; matter of fact, even discussing the birds and bees which was a lot of fun because of his openness.

It had been weeks of quietness; it’s winter here now and the sun is down by 4:30 everyday. And its so cold here too. I’m in a place where it is I have to wear five layers of clothes to stay warm and hats and scarfs are a must outside.

Anyway the relaxing, summer was over, back to school and speaking of a wedding in Winter. Well he knew what he wanted and I all I wanted was him. How could it be any other way… When everything works, when you can’t possibly spend one day without the other person; that’s when you know it’s for certain , and of speaking about it.

It has not been easy here in Wales, without him I could not have made it here on my own. Really for an American to accomplish anything here with one exception; he and I and our union and this was one best thing where everything would go right. It would and being here is about us and living and loving something and everything.

I would have him. And …our eyes teared up and he was crying when I was too and I said yes; he doesn’t cry, but I always cry, then he waited for me to find words, while I tried to hold my excitement. I was ready to burst like an ocean of water prying its way through a crack in a ship’s hull.

These feelings that came was even more than the tears. It was to be about about us. He was open and lovely.
Open like the pages of poetry and nothing was hidden.

There has been nothing hidden nothing coming between us. No hiding behind black ink and cursive writing only love and a generous nature.
Humble and faithful with apologies for everything as a courtesy; maybe it’s just his way of treating me differently from the rest; of being his little bird protected in his little nest.

Neither one of us bring up our distance and the unfairness, and it was just six months ago when we were like strangers who knew each other very well. Now everything is in sight and white and all I wanted was him.

I forgot how much I wanted no company before he rushed in to save me from myself and communicating to me through the years, but I when I got here, saw his beautiful face and actually became a part of his life…

I was immediately awakened and no more confusion when I came here to be with him in this beautiful place.
These are the sweet moments of life; to be with someone like him; to have everything; to live with your best friend and lover too.

These moments, I will remember all of my life; he is a legend in his own right; of furled fighting awesomeness who constantly inspires me to be better; aiming higher like no other.

He is the strongest I’ve ever known. And I will continue to write as if we were loose, like pages of a book with a broken spine.

And times will come in our lives when and in everyones life where we will have to take off our suit of armor and show our human inside.


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