About Swansea Wales – Richard Glynn Vivian

Swansea in Welsh is Abertawe

A position at the mouth of the River Tawe

Adjacent to an extensive Swansea Bay

At the western end of the Bristol Channel

 Was the main of its region during much

Of the Medieval period. 

By the 18th century, local dignitaries, such as the Vivian Family attempted to establish it. The town achieved greater prominence with the onset of the Copper and Coal Mining Industry.  Industry grew throughout the 19th century, drastically changing the shape and even the geography of the town and its surroundings. But Richard Glynn Vivian was not interested in the family business; instead he had a love of art and painting.

In the 20th century, industry declined but the town continued to grow in population. Swansea officially gained city status in 1969.

More about the Vivian’s

Swansea – Richard Glynn Vivian.


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