Taste of Life ~ Chapter 2.1


In his arms, he held me
He turned to me and said,
You are so beautiful.
Once life was crashing around me
Before I knew you
You were a dream
Now I am standing tall and proud
And to this life; it’s greater than I
With many so limitless possibilities
My hope of all hope awaiting
If I were ever sure, I’m so sure
You are everything I want and need
Never expected someone like you
So great in my life.
A path so winding, twisting
Turning out and so wonderfully
Your are my Life
And Life is to be tasted.

~ American Girl in Wales

There is a castle on a mountain top that overlooks the sandy beach at Oxwich Bay in the Gower surrounded with sheep farms and wooded forest. Its where we fell asleep on the beach and rested for awhile.

A small whimper escaped my lips as I stared across the landscape in front of me. I couldn’t escape this place, even if I wanted to. Looking around I watched you and that’s when I think you appreciated the land for the first time, even though you had been here for quite sometime. It was wonderfully green, there were mountains with forest and woods, farms graced this land as if it was hand sculptured from a plan from another place and time. It was earth’s architecture right before us. It is a wonderfully ancient place, trees and grasses in every shade of emerald bordering every farm.

I watched you glancing down, then back at me; as if you wanted me to understand where we were going, where our lives were going. A place neither you or I had ever been. This scenery made with such unique and intricate designs were like with beautiful landscape painting; and it was a surprise, to see such glorious wildflowers and tall grasses in a land where a thousand years ago, where princes and knights once fought for and died for and were buried. Everything in this place seemed humbling and sacred.

We walked up the mountain to the castle keep and only one thing stood in the way, was time, out from a purple haze, to shades of green, passing through the kissing gate and when I saw this; I felt a blush find its way to your face; because I had to ask. There you waited for me to kiss you and I did. It was the first time you kissed me.

I could not help but admit that I felt very vulnerable at the moment; not knowing what what would come. No one likes to feel unsure of or made to feel weak. I wanted you to want me, but what else could I do about it…I was taken over by you and this place. I was never sure the idea ever crossed you mind, hoping you would ask me stay; but then you did. A man’s mind can be hard to read at times; living for moments rather the future.

And it wasn’t long after that I thought of you as my man. It’s funny how places change your moods and the way you think about things. That this very same man that took me from my home after a long stressful battle. He took me away from it all. Then later remembering how good he looked, after visiting that place; and his smile….that smile always sends shivers down my spine; not only at that moment, but in the rest to come. It made me look so childish and him so innocent, but I didn’t care. I knew I loved him.

Maybe he wanted to take me for so long, maybe that this is his only way he knows how. Maybe he needed me; but more than that; it was just that maybe I needed him more and in this beautiful place.


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