Life With Catnip


If I could understand humans
Asking me to take their hand when needed
When desires become the same without inhibition or shame,
and to love with tolerance,
real true love and acceptance;
It would be to my deepest desire to come to this reawakening.

To discover what really matters
To be of a mature mind,
but stay young at heart,
To be awakened, refreshed each day,
and rest reassured each night.
to find myself by looking inward,
rather than outward in vain.

To be seen as accepting
responsibility without blame;
And a navigator with a compass…

Believing that’s what it takes to live in honestly of Love; and to be loved.
I have awaited for so long for this; to be stirred, inspired by hearts and minds.

To be the good in all,
as it comes in words, not judging, but
of wisdom and Hope.

Where harmony exist with faith…

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