Book Preview… “All the Colors of Green”

Oystermouth Castle

Oystermouth Castle

For months, some think I have gone missing. I am in That place where the ocean is, it meets the mountains, It dictates and controls. I have seen places in Wales one could never imagine while the seasons have moved from Summer to Autumn into Winter; I wonder what happened to the weeks and months. Time has just flown by. For I still have a temporary that I thought it would expire in December. Except it will not expire ever after all; for in that time I have had to see real wishes come true, it’s here where I have found hints of life and love and home and then there is someone here now to cling to. He calls me his ray of hope; and his sunlight in the morning.

His love is true and there are moments so I might know that this is just the beginning, discovering that there are places beyond narrow one. I have seen massive green forest, farms and gardens, medieval castles, palaces and cathedrals. I am American girl in Wales, where my duality is to reason all; is one with every living breathing moving particle is one is the absolute.

Duality is an illusion, I argued. It must be if this narrow place that contains my infinite love for one and the same. I understand gravity and advanced physics. Only then can we understand that is important that which hope hangs on, finding that love is the only shimmering effervescent realm of continual creation.

Note- “All the Colors of Green” will be available Kindle on Thursday, November 20th.
Thank you to all my followers and for reading. I hope you love my writing and photography. Enjoy!-
Love, Katie M.


These are the castles we visited so far. We have been to 24 out of 157. So you can see, I have lot’s more writing to do. Below is some of my favorite places to visit in Wales.

Ogmore Castle 12th & 13th century
Castell Coch – the Red Castle
Carreg Cennen Castle
Carmarthen Castle 11th century
Dinefwr Castle 11th century
Dryslwyn Castle Native Welsh ruins
Kidwelly Castle 12th century and earlier
Laugharne Castle 13th century
Llandovery Castle 11th century
Llansteffan Castle 12th century
Newcastle Emlyn Castle 13th & 15th century
Caernarfon Castle 13th century
Castell y Bere 13th century
Haverfordwest Castle 12th century
Crickhowell Castle 12th century
Llanafan Fawr Castle possibly Iron Age
Painscastle 12th to 15th century
Penarth Castle
Tretower Castle 12th century
Loughor Castle
Oxwich Castle 16th century
Oystermouth Castle 12 & 13th century
Pennard Castle 12th century
Penrice Castle 13th century
Swansea Castle


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