Written Proof

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Sometimes, he slips away during the night to his room, falling asleep and I know this, though sometimes still at midnight, I hear him about in the hopes wanting to be at his side, touching lips to burning armor. I would wash his feet with my hair if he asked.

There are no physical barrier between our desires. Always encouraging; there would be more, to find ourselves lying together arm in arm and on those nights to just to keep warm. We sleep peacefully now, though sometimes glassy eyed staring up at the moon assaulted by the rain outside my window. It sounds like the pounding of raven wings.

And in the morning, when he stirs, waking me from this wakeful trance, I acknowledge his presence, approving and loving eyes meet every morning and I see him glow with pride. I think he loves me more than he let’s on.

But my rewards are many, like the chance to be with him every morning and late at night, and I do so eagerly; there is no distance between us anymore; The pain is less significant; I wear him on my sleeve openly, as a badge of honor. Here it is; I am written living proof, that love is the only real worthy thing worth living for.

“All the Colors Of Green”
Written Proof ~ Chapter 10


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