Heaven on Earth




Mumbles ~ Swansea Bay
Opening to the Bristol Channel
S. Wales, UK
06, November, 2014

Last night I lay in bed, the heat from his body drawing me near; fluid and assured. It was desperately cold outside last night and somehow, the closeness kept us warm while sleeping.

I was kept cozy and warm even without touching. It was a good sleep and felt this morning when he woke me I felt it would be different from other mornings, thinking we are coming closer together in every way.

Hearing him up at dawn, bringing me tea in bed with hard kisses and smiles on his lips. I would wait to see what the day brings.

I was off for the morning walk with the doggy in Mumbles, after a kiss and drop off for work. I love that, waking to his beautiful perfect face.

A quick stroll to the shops choosing stationary for Sweetheart’s art project first.

Then I decided it would be Mumbles there is a boardwalk, avoiding the soaked grass in the park.

And on the shores of Swansea bay walking as the day light chased the last of the tides away and all that’s left are these miraculous mud flats as far as you can see.

The morning takes over and the browns frays prepare to move to that which was once the sea as the browns fade sinking into blues sharing again earth and minerals from the ocean floors dissolving, reviving renewing pushing upwards into buds from heaven.

Remembering riding the splashing waves of fluid resurgents just as I did last night.

Heaven on earth.


“All the Colours of Green”
Chapter 8

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